Stakin's monthly newsbites are here.

February 2023

It's here! After months of hard work, we're happy to announce our brand new website.

January 2023

Sui Wave 2, Dymension Testnet, New Ethereum Updates, and more..
A quick recap of 2022, Cosmos community contribution programs and more..

November 2022

Stakin Joins Cosmos ZERO initiative, Chats with Kelepar, and more...

October 2022

Cosmos upgrades, Kava Liquid Staking, Ethereum, Stakin Dashboard and more..
Amazing News From The NEAR Foundation, ATOM 2.0, Juno Mesh Security and more..

September 2022

The latest news bits from the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem are brought to you by Stakin

August 2022

Ethereum Merge MEV, Zilliqa Partnership, Sui Blockchain and more
We're proud to announce your one-stop shop for tracking all staking rewards
Stakin Joins Lido on Solana, Ethereum Merge MEV Ready, Polygon Staking Rewards and more..

July 2022

Your Bi-Weekly Read On All Things Proof-of-Stake - This Week: Polygon, Sei Network, Lido and more